3D vortex formation of rigid and flexible plates in impulsively starting motion

Kavli Affiliate: Morteza Gharib

| First 5 Authors: Daegyoum Kim, Morteza Gharib, , ,

| Summary:

This fluid dynamics video shows three-dimensional vortex formation process
for plates in impulsive motion which is investigated experimentally by using
defocusing digital particle image velocimetry (DDPIV). Rigid and flexible plate
cases are compared in order to study the effect of flexibility on 3D vortex
formation and associated hydrodynamic forces. This study was motivated by the
general question of how the flexibility of flapping propulsors in flying and
swimming animals affects vortex formation and propulsive force. For translating
and rotating motion, the flexible plate generates a vortex morphology which is
drastically different from that of the rigid plate. We identified the
deflection of the tip region as the source of this difference. The flexible
plate does not produce a large peak for the hydrodynamic force at the impulsive
start and stop. This force trend is correlated with smooth vortex formation and
shedding processes.

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