Optical Monitoring of BL Lacertae Object S5 0716+714 with a Novel Multi-Peak Interference Filter

Kavli Affiliate: Jiansheng Chen

| First 5 Authors: Jianghua Wu, Xu Zhou, Jun Ma, Zhenyu Wu, Zhaoji Jiang

| Summary:

We at first introduce a novel photometric system, which consists of a Schmidt
telescope, an objective prism, a CCD camera, and, especially, a multi-peak
interference filter. The multi-peak interference filter enables light in multi
passbands to pass through it simultaneously. The light in different passbands
is differentially refracted by the objective prism and is focused on the CCD
separately, so we have multi "images" for each object on the CCD frames. This
system enables us to monitor blazars exactly simultaneously in multi wavebands
on a single telescope, and to accurately trace the color change during the
variation. We used this novel system to monitor the BL Lacertae object S5
0716+714 during 2006 January and February and achieved a very high temporal
resolution. The object was very bright and very active during this period. Two
strong flares were observed, with variation amplitudes of about 0.8 and 0.6
mags in the $V’$ band, respectively. Strong bluer-when-brighter correlations
were found for both internight and intranight variations. No apparent time lag
was observed between the $V’$- and $R’$-band variations, and the observed
bluer-when-brighter chromatism may be mainly attributed to the larger variation
amplitude at shorter wavelength. In addition to the bluer-when-brighter trend,
the object also showed a bluer color when it was more active. The observed
variability and its color behaviors are consistent with the shock-in-jet model.

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