X-ray flare modeling in the single giant HR 9024

Kavli Affiliate: David Huenemoerder

| First 5 Authors: Paola Testa, David Garcia-Alvarez, Fabio Reale, David Huenemoerder,

| Summary:

We analyze a Chandra-HETGS observation of the single G-type giant HR 9024.
The high flux allows us to examine spectral line and continuum diagnostics at
high temporal resolution, to derive plasma parameters (thermal distribution,
abundances, temperature, …). A time-dependent 1D hydrodynamic loop model with
semi-length 10$^{12}$cm ($sim R_{star}$), and impulsive footpoint heating
triggering the flare, satisfactorily reproduces the observed evolution of
temperature and emission measure, derived from the analysis of the strong
continuum emission. The observed characteristics of the flare appear to be
common features in very large flares in active stars (also pre-main sequence
stars), possibly indicating some fundamental physics for these very dynamic and
extreme phenomena in stellar coronae.

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