The Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating: Design, Fabrication, Ground Calibration and Five Years in Flight

Kavli Affiliate: Mark L. Schattenburg

| First 5 Authors: Claude R. Canizares, John E. Davis, Daniel Dewey, Kathryn A. Flanagan, Eugene B. Galton

| Summary:

Details of the design, fabrication, ground and flight calibration of the High
Energy Transmission Grating, HETG, on the Chandra X-ray Observatory are
presented after five years of flight experience. Specifics include the theory
of phased transmission gratings as applied to the HETG, the Rowland design of
the spectrometer, details of the grating fabrication techniques, and the
results of ground testing and calibration of the HETG. For nearly six years the
HETG has operated essentially as designed, although it has presented some
subtle flight calibration effects.

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