A low-loss fiber accessible plasmon photonic crystal waveguide for planar energy guiding and sensing

Kavli Affiliate: Oskar J. Painter

| First 5 Authors: Stefan A. Maier, Paul E. Barclay, Thomas J. Johnson, Michelle D. Friedman, Oskar J. Painter

| Summary:

A metal nanoparticle plasmon waveguide for electromagnetic energy transport
utilizing dispersion engineering to dramatically increase lateral energy
confinement via a two-dimensional pattern of Au dots on an optically thin Si
membrane is described. Using finite-difference time-domain simulations and
coupled-mode theory, we show that phase-matched evanescent excitation from
conventional fiber tapers is possible with efficiencies > 90 % for realistic
geometries. Energy loss in this waveguide is mainly due to material absorption,
allowing for 1/e energy decay distances of about 2 mm for excitation at
telecommunication frequencies. This concept can be extended to the visible
regime and promises applications in optical energy guiding, optical sensing,
and switching.

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