Theoretical UBVRI colors of iron core white dwarfs

Kavli Affiliate: P. C. Joss

| First 5 Authors: J. Madej, M. Pietrachowicz, P. C. Joss, A. Majczyna, A. Rozanska

| Summary:

We explore photometric properties of hypothetical iron core white dwarfs and
compute their expected colors in UBVRI Johnson broadband system. Atmospheres of
iron core WDs in this paper consist of pure iron covered by a pure hydrogen
layer of an arbitrary column mass. LTE model atmospheres and theoretical
spectra are calculated on the basis of Los Alamos TOPS opacities and the
equation of state from the OPAL project, suitable for nonideal Fe and H gases.
We have also computed UBVRI colors of the models and determined an area on the
B-V vs. U-B and U-B vs. V-I planes, occupied by both pure Fe, and pure H model
atmospheres of WD stars. Finally, we search for iron core white dwarf
candidates in the available literature.

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