Ratio of color and effective temperatures in X-ray burst spectra

Kavli Affiliate: P. C. Joss

| First 5 Authors: A. Majczyna, J. Madej, P. C. Joss A. Różańska, ,

| Summary:

We present model atmospheres and theoretical spectra for X-ray bursters. Our
models include the effects of Compton scattering on free electrons. The
atmospheres have compositions that are mixtures of hydrogen, helium, and iron.
For our models the ratio of color temperature, $T_c$, to effective temperature,
$T_{eff}$, is in the range 1.2 – 1.8. This ratio depends on $T_{eff}$, surface
gravity, and iron abundance. For fixed $T_{eff}$ and surface gravity, models
with non-zero iron abundance exhibit values of $T_c/T_{eff}$ that are slightly
lower than pure hydrogen-helium models.

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