The X-ray Afterglows of GRB 020813 and GRB 021004 with Chandra HETGS: Possible Evidence for a Supernova Prior to GRB 020813

Kavli Affiliate: Peter G. Ford

| First 5 Authors: Nathaniel R. Butler, Herman L. Marshall, George R. Ricker, Roland K. Vanderspek, Peter G. Ford

| Summary:

We report on the detection of an emission line near 1.3 keV, which we
associate with blue-shifted hydrogen-like sulfur (S XVI), in a 76.8 ksec
Chandra HETGS spectrum of the afterglow of GRB 020813. The line is detected at
3.3 sigma significance. We also find marginal evidence for a line possibly due
to hydrogen-like silicon (Si XIV) with the same blue-shift. A line from Fe is
not detected, though a very low significance Ni feature may be present. A
thermal model fits the data adequately, but a reflection model may provide a
better fit. There is marginal evidence that the equivalent width of the S XVI
line decrease as the burst fades. We infer from these results that a supernova
likely occurred >~ 2 months prior to the GRB. We find no discrete or variable
spectral features in the Chandra HETGS spectrum of the GRB 021004 afterglow.

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