Transient X–Ray Sources Observed with the Rxte All-Sky Monitor after 3.5 Years

Kavli Affiliate: Edmund Bertschinger

| First 5 Authors: Hale Bradt, Alan M. Levine, Ronald A. Remillard, Donald A. Smith,

| Summary:

We present light curves of a sample of "transient" sources observed with the
All-Sky Monitor (ASM) of the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE). The light
curves extend over 3.5 years. They are presented in three groups: six
neutron-star systems, eight black-hole-candidate systems, and an additional
diverse set of six objects that are either transient sources (in the sense of
usually being undetectable) or persistent sources showing transient behavior.
The outburst profiles of these sources show reproducible characteristics within
one source and from source to source, as well as large variations. These
profiles together with the profiles of the hardness ratios from the ASM are a
valuable resource for the understanding of accretion instabilities. We
summarize briefly some recent work by observers on these somewhat arbitrarily
selected sources.

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