Obscuration in the Host Galaxies of Soft X-ray Selected Seyferts

Kavli Affiliate: Robert Simcoe

| First 5 Authors: Robert Simcoe, K. K. McLeod, Jonathan Schachter, Martin Elvis,

| Summary:

We define a new sample of 96 low-redshift (z<0.1), soft X-ray selected
Seyferts from the catalog of the Einstein Slew Survey (Elvis etal. 1992,
Plummer et al. 1994). We probe the geometry and column depth of obscuring
material in the host-galaxy disks using galaxian axial ratios determined mainly
from the Digitized Sky Survey. The distribution of host-galaxy axial ratios
clearly shows a bias against edge-on spirals, confirming the existence of a
geometrically thick layer of obscuring material in the host-galaxy planes. Soft
X-ray selection recovers some of the edge-on objects missed in UV and visible
surveys but still results in 30% incompleteness for Type 1’s. We speculate that
thick rings of obscuring material like the ones we infer for these Seyferts
might be commonly present in early type spirals, sitting at the Inner Lindblad
Resonances of the nonaxisymmetric potentials of the host galaxies.

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